Yale Premium HSA 6400 Burglar Alarm Review


Yale Premium HSA6400 Security System

Yale is a company that has associated itself with quality locks for many, many years and so their evolution into home security systems has come as an expected addition to their company.

The Yale HSA 6400 is a wireless alarm which straight away is preferential to many users. The lack of wires makes fitting a lot easier if you are doing it yourself but we also like the idea that with a wireless alarm you can easily move the sensors around as you require. If after first fitting the system you later believe that it is of more importance to have a sensor in another room or location then you can easily do so without have to worry about rewiring or extending existing wiring and so on.

Phone Alerts
The Yale HSA 6400 works as a monitored system that allows you to have an independent monitoring company watch over your property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It has been proven that monitored systems are now one of the best measures against burglary and actively deter burglars by as much as 70% more than a standard unmonitored alarm.

It also provides the peace of mind that whether you are in the property or not, someone will be available to alert the authorities if the alarm is triggered for any reason.

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The alarm also has an option to actually phone you itself when it is triggered, meaning that you can opt to have an unmonitored system and save money yet still have an instant alert even when you are out of the home. You can then use a touch-tone telephone to change this service and either activate or deactivate the alarm. This is a fantastic additional option that really adds value to the whole system.

The Yale HSA 6400 comes with some of the best and clearest instructions that we have seen with an alarm system. They are incredibly easy to follow and allow for you to install the system yourself with relative ease. The only place where the instructions lacked was on how to add additional working sirens if you required them but this could be found online or using the helpline provided in the instruction booklet.

The Yale HSA 6400 also succeeds with adding additional devices. For example, if you wanted to add additional PIR’s or door contacts then the alarm system has a very simple way of adding and recognizing these devices. This can sometimes be a massive downfall with alarm systems when it can be incredibly tricky to add additional devices as it actually deters householders from improving their home security system. This is not a problem with the Yale HSA 6400.

The system can be self-fitted in around 2 to 3 hours. It involves simply fitting the door contacts, the PIR’s and the siren. Each unit then has a ‘Learn’ button that you simply click on each device. This then automatically pairs the device up with the main alarm system control panel. This is nice, quick and easy and gets the system up and running in no time.

Pet Friendly Sensors
The Yale HSA 6400 also rates highly with us as it has pet friendly sensors. This means that the system can differentiate between a real human intruder and your household cat! Many systems fail on this level due to false alarms and some get set off so much that the owners actually leave the system off and stop using it in fear of driving the neighbors mad. This obviously completely defeats the point in purchasing a home security system. The Yale HSA 6400 will quite happily monitor your house and will be set off in an intruder breaks in, but it will allow you pets to happily roam the house without causing any disturbance.

The whole system is very competent as an alarm system. It has some advanced features, a good range of protection and it is surprisingly easy to install with some fantastic instructions that will take you through the whole thing step-by-step, offering you the chance of a substantial saving on paying someone to professionally install it for you.

This system is available at around $200 and so provides astonishing value for money when you take into account the fact that it also has pet-friendly sensors and a telephone alerting system included.

Overall, this is a highly rated system which can be installed in just a few hours and provide great all-round protection to your property. It also allows for easy integration of additional devices so you can grow the system and include the security of your property and family as your budget and time allows.

This is a recommended system for anyone looking for a good all-round home alarm system.