Visonic Powermax Security System


Visonic Powermax Security System

Visonic have a number of home security systems on the market that all vary quite dramatically in price and competency. The Visonic Powermax system is one of their core products that attempts to provide a good balance of budget and technology in one simple package.

Wireless and Hardwired
The Visonic Powermax system has the unique twist of using both wireless and hardwired zones. It offers up to 28 wireless zones and an additional 2 zones that are hardwired.

There is also the option to connect a hard wired sounder.

The mix of wireless and hard wiring is the perfect mix for people who want the benefits of both; however it can make installation a bit more complicated than a standard fully wireless system.

The Visonic Powermax System is a capable home security system that benefits from some good features. As stated, it has 28 wireless zones and 2 hard-wired zones. It can also support up to 2 wireless sounders and a hard wired sounded can also be connected.

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The control panel is very nice and sleek. The whole system has a real feel of style and has obviously been designed to be pleasing to the eye. The key fobs, the control panel and even the sensors and devices all look great and will blend in nicely with your decor.

It is unusual to find a home security system in this sort of price range that has taken so much care to design a nice looking system. Often, alarms in this budget concentrate more on fitting the technology in to the unit and save money on design. This can often lead to bulky, very angular designs that are large and cumbersome and can be quite imposing so are therefore far from ideal. The Visonic Powermax System is certainly one of the better looking systems in this price range.

It also has plenty of the features that you would like to have from an alarm system, including an integral speech dialer and the option to add a separate GSM module if you so desire. This all makes for a very competent and capable system that offers a good level of all-round protection and versatility.

Unfortunately the Visonic Powermax System really falls down on installation and set up. The system is very tricky to correctly install and the instruction manual that is supplied with the kit does very little to make anything easier.

The hard wiring aspects of the system are very tricky and unless you are very capable in this domain it is highly advised that you get this professionally fitted by either a good quality electrician or a professional alarm fitter. This unfortunately adds additional cost and an alarm fitter is likely to charge for longer than many other alarms would take due to its complexity.

Additionally, not only is the installation tricky, but the initial programming of the system is very poorly designed. It is not intuitive at all and requires some real head-scratching to make any sense of it. Again, the included instruction manual does very little to help, in fact it is so poorly written that in many cases it is almost as if it is advising you to do completely the wrong thing.

This can lead to a real headache and obviously as it is essential that the system is correctly set up, you may have to again pay a professional to program the system. If this is the case, it is advised that you check with the professional first that they are actually accustomed with this product as if they are not then it could be a case of the blind leading the blind and incurring even further cost.

On the plus side, once it is finally all installed and programmed the system runs like a dream. It is then extremely easy to use and intuitive and does everything it is meant to do. It is a shame that they did not put the same level of effort into the programming aspect.

In summary, this is a very good home security system. It offers a very good level of security and it is versatile as well as being highly functional. It is easy to add to the system and improve it further and it has some nice extra features.

Once running, it is easy to use and is likely to serve you well. The only real downside of this system is the installation and programming side of it. Once you get past that this is a very capable system, but it is advised that you do allow for extra cost to help with the installation and programming in the first instance.

It isn’t the cheapest home security system on the market, but it does offer good value for money with everything taken into account. You can certainly feel assured that you have a good level of protection if you have this system installed in your home.