Should I get a Home Security System?



Home Security Facts

A common question homeowners ask themselves is “should I get a home security system?”. Answering the question will likely take research and reviewing your personal situation. You may ask the question if an event happened recently such as a break-in at a neighbor’s house or property damage that suggests someone tried to force their way into your home. More homeowners are concerned about the well-being of their family and loved ones. With a slow economy and rising criminal activity, many wonder if a good time to purchase a home security system is now.

Technology advancements are taking home security systems to new levels. High-tech gadgets such as high definition cameras, digital video recorders (DVR) and wireless security options are making more homeowners consider the purchase.

Questions to ask yourself
Even if you’re not sure on whether or not to make the investment, there are several questions you may want to review to help you think about your decision:

  • Can I afford a home security system?
  • How much do security systems cost?
  • How much will it cost to maintain security for my home?
  • How do they work and operate in the home?
  • Will buying a system be worth the investment?
  • Which type of home security system is best for my household?
  • How would I choose a reliable home security system provider?
  • What features do home security systems offer that my household can benefit from?
  • What are cheaper alternatives if I cannot afford a system right now?
  • Does my household really need it?

The previous 10 questions give an idea of what to think about in determining whether or not to get a home security system. It may also help to talk with neighbors and friends who already have a security system for their home. Ask them about their experience with their system. Do they feel more secure? Would they recommend you invest in a system for your household?

Knowing the Facts about your Home Security System
Buying Home Security SystemsUnderstanding your home security costs is one of the most important topics in deciding to get a home security system. It’s often not stressed enough since too many homeowners enter into monthly or annual contacts without reading the fine print. The terms and conditions are there for a reason and homeowners should take time to review these details before making a commitment. Having certain types of protection will also affect how much you pay each month. This may include video monitoring, detection for carbon monoxide, motion sensors and more. While these features have been known to be effective they could be costly if they don’t fit into your budget. Installation is another potential cost; you can have a professional install your system or you can do it yourself to cut costs.

Consumers should become familiar with how home security systems work. This may seem like a no-brainer but in reality, many don’t understand different concepts behind them that make them effective for their unique environment. You’ll want to understand how your home is protected. This includes reviewing how sensors are placed in windows and doors, how motion is picked up and why the alarm sounds if you don’t disarm it when you walk in the door. Some may not know this but if an alarm sounds and it isn’t turned off immediately, this may lead to the security system contacting your provider who will in turn, contact emergency personnel. Each situation such as a fire, flood or break-in, has its own process that homeowners should understand.

Reasons to have a Home Security System
Studies have shown that home security systems may decrease the risk of a burglar making an attempt to break-in the home. It doesn’t mean they still wouldn’t make an attempt if they wanted to, yet it gives insight on how the presence of a security system may help reduce burglaries in the long run. Consumers are also learning how home security systems offer a lot of flexibility. You can choose which services to have and even customize a system for your home. You could start off by having an inexpensive security system and then later adding extra features if you decide you want additional security.

Peace of mind is a common reason why many decide to invest in a home security system. There are systems that notify you when your children arrive home safely from school. You can even learn of a broken or frozen pipe while away from home. Another factor to consider is lower insurance costs. Some consumers may not realize that homeowner’s insurance coverage may offer discounts on certain systems depending on services obtained for the home. Insurance companies may even have affiliations with certain home security providers; meaning you’ll want to review your policy or contact your insurance company for more information on possible discounts.

The Verdict
If you’re not sure whether or not to buy a home security system, you may want to look into cheap alternatives that can offer some security. Examples include motion sensor lights or timers for lights inside your home to turn on at a specific time in the evening. Well lit windows or doors help reduce break-in risks. Add deadbolt locks to doors or security bars for garage doors. You can also customize and create a unique peep hole for entrance doors so you can view who is knocking on the other side. Make sure doors and windows are locked when exiting the home. Be cautious when hiding spare keys under the rug or an outside area you consider to be a secret place. Burglars can be smarter than you think in finding out such details.

Take time to compare and review your options. Review security system package details before signing up for a service subscription. Make sure you feel comfortable with your final decision. Be aware of potential fees for home security plan cancellations. Ask the provider about home security system options best for your home. Ask for clarification on any issues you don’t understand. Overall, if you are currently asking yourself “should I get a home security system?” then these are the considerations that should help you in answering that question.