Scantronic 9448 Alarm System


Scantronic 9448

Scantronic have a variety of home security systems that range from the cheap budget versions through to the top-end professional systems. The Scantronic 9448 is one of their middle-of-the road productions.

Hard Wired
The Scantronic 9448 is a hard wired alarm. Some people prefer hard wired systems as they provide more reliability than wireless systems that run on batteries.

The benefit of a hard wired system is that it runs from the mains so there is no need to worry about replacing batteries. It also reduces any chance of failure of devices communicating with each other over radio waves.

The downfall of a hard wired system is that it is often more advised to use a professional fitter unless you are competent. It is important that hard wired systems are fitted correctly and that the wires are properly concealed to prevent intruders from tampering with the wires, or the possibility of pets or other animals damaging wires.

Lacking Features
The Scantronic 9448 is unfortunately a design that is now rather dated, yet strangely Scantronic still sell this model without any upgrade or newer model that supersedes it, therefore, for this budget, they do not really offer anything better.

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The Scantronic 9448 home security system lacks some of the most basic requirements that users have now come to expect from an alarm. For example, the Scantronic 9448 does not even have an LCD display and so there are no additional options that you would associate with a display, such as an event log to see details of any triggered alarms earlier in the day while you were out.

An LCD display is also important nowadays for fault finding and making sure that everything has been activated correctly, the lack of one shows massive short sightedness and is a major drawback in our opinion.

So, the control panel of the Scantronic 9448 is basically just a big white block of plastic that sits on your wall. It has a small numerical keypad on the top right hand corner and a few lights that illuminate for various functions, but that is about it. However, some users may like the simplicity of its design and its ease of functions.

It also lacks many other functions that many alarms have nowadays and probably one of its most advanced features is a simple remote control that it has to allow for arming and disarming of the system from the comfort of your seat without having to get up and visit the control system.

If you are easily confused by technology and too many functions then you may find that this is the system for you after all.

We would recommend that this system is professionally installed unless you are competent with this sort of DIY work. As the system is hardwired it is important that it is fitted correctly.

However, for a hardwired system this one is particularly easy to fit. It has simply, yet secure wiring and so if you are competent in this sort of work yourself then you should have it fitted with relative ease. Alternatively, if you are using a professional fitter or electrician to fit the alarm for you then you should find that you get a much better price than most other hardwired alarm systems as it can be fitted easier and quicker than a lot of the others on the market.

Sensors and Devices
The Scantronic 9448 uses some basic technology and sensors to alert of any intruders. This can mean reasonable coverage and protection but to a basic level. For example, there is no pet-friendly option meaning that the alarm can easily be triggered and provide false alarms.

It is certainly true that any home alarm system is better than no alarm at all and in that instance, if this is as far as your budget stretches then this is still a functional home security system that will indeed still offer a level of protection for your home and family from intruders and burglary. It does provide good value for money and is an affordable home security system, so that in itself warrants giving it a second look if this is the market that you are in.

However, this is a very basic system and certainly does lack any of the functions that newer technology offers and it also lacks a lot of flexibility and additional protection.

On the flip side, as stated earlier, if you are a bit of a technophobe or are literally looking for an alarm that you simply turn on and off to provide some basic protection then you could do worse than the Scantronic 9448. This alarm is simple, functional and free of complicated functions and operating techniques and therefore is possibly the perfect choice for someone looking for a system like that.