Portable Home Security Systems aren’t just for Renters


Portable Home Security System

Portable home security systems are a reasonably priced alternative for those seeking greater flexibility in their alarm system. Yet, the idea of having a portable security system is not reserved for renters only. Portable security systems are great for those who travel and because they are easy to setup, they can be used in different settings to help you keep personal belongings secure and protected. Consumers who rent find them a useful necessity since it is an inexpensive option for home security. But with their portability contributing to their popularity, many have found other unique uses for them.

Portable alarm systems present an array of security features. Some of these systems boast motion sensors, alarm functions, battery operation features and more. Their portability is possible thanks to the systems availability in different sizes and designs. Some feature control panels that can hang on the door while other models feature a table top panel. You can plug in your system to a phone jack and it can contact emergency personnel in the case of an emergency. Some portable security systems feature a panic button that either initiates contact with emergency authorities or sounds a loud siren. There are systems that feature a key chain remote control that allows you to control the system from another location.

Advanced Portable Security System
There are also high-tech and advanced portable security solutions including a mini monitoring system with camera. A few feature infrared detection with motion and provide coverage for large areas of space. There are cameras that have the ability to view a large area of space despite being such a small size. Certain models allow you to call in or activate a hidden microphone; this option is ideal for someone wanting to check in on a babysitter or someone who is on bed rest. Portable home security alarm systems are great options for those who travel often. They can be setup in a hotel room, vacation home or campsite. The systems offer a great deal of benefits but they also have their share of disadvantages.

Many portable home security systems offer motion detection. This option could be a disadvantage depending on the design of the system as well as where it is setup. Pets may trigger sensors but some systems come with special guards that help it detect animal movement. Some also offer features that allow you to receive updates on your cell phone. Some portable home security systems are mistaken for wireless home security systems. While it is true a portable system can be wireless, each system offers security and protection on different levels.

Getting the right Equipment
Portable Home Security SystemsWhen choosing a portable security system it helps to understand the purpose and reason for it. Some are designed to provide more protection than others and it helps to understand your situation in detail before choosing a system. For example, if you are someone who travels often you may want to look into portable security systems that are good for traveling. There are portable systems that offer similar service features to wireless systems that can be compared. There are home security companies that offer portable security systems yet, they can also be purchased at local retailers. There are debates among consumers about which brands and designs are most effective. Some say systems purchased at their local retailer didn’t seem to provide any security.

Reviewing customer reviews can be helpful in choosing the right portable system for your needs. You get an idea of how easy the system is to use, plus you learn more about its features. It is important to take time and compare portable home security systems since they can vary. You may need to purchase additional equipment such as sensors to obtain extended protection. Prices often vary for portable systems and it may depend on which company or brand offers the product. Reputable companies are known to offer security products at higher prices. Some portable security systems could be under or just at a hundred dollars. There are more expensive options that cost several hundred more depending on features and equipment included.

Cheaper than the Average Home Security System
Many consumers have found that portable home security systems can be just as affordable and reliable as wireless or hardwired systems. Renters enjoy having security and protection at a reduced cost. In many cases you don’t need a long term contract or pay monthly fees to maintain the security. Since portable security systems allow you to move equipment from one place to another you should review warranty details. Understand what the warranty includes and how long it is effective. Consider other features of the portable system before making the decision to by. Just because it offers one feature you really want doesn’t mean the entire system will be useful to you.

Other types of portable security options may include portable door sensors, portable motion detectors and certain portable systems for burglars. Often you can get an affordable portable system that offers a main receiver and a motion detector. Some systems offer more equipment than others which is why it is important to compare systems. Overall, consumers who have found a portable home security system are likely to be happy with their purchase. They are easy to install and many offer a backup battery system that helps the system stay functional during power loss.

Portable home security systems have been popular among consumers in the current economy. Some areas have seen a rise in break-ins and burglar activity. Consumers are seeking inexpensive options that allow for security and protection without ongoing costs. Many systems offer different levels of protection making it easier for the consumer to find the best system for their needs. Taking time to compare systems may not only help you save money, you may find a system that is sturdy and reliable that can last you a long time. Some portable systems may be available through a special promotional offer allowing you to save more money. Be cautious in purchasing cheap systems because they may feature low quality equipment.