Home Security Tips to help you get Started


Home Security Tips

When you are looking into home security it can be hard to know really where to start. There are some obvious tips and some lesser-known information but with a variety of different systems on offer and advertisers all touting different messages and advice, it can be really hard to know what is best for you, your family and your property.

Burgle your own Home
One of the easiest ways to assess the security of your property is to plan your own burglary. Don’t worry, you don’t need to put on a ski mask and you don’t even need to fill up a bag with all your household items! But what you do need to do is try to think like a criminal.

Try standing outside your home and see where any weaknesses lie. See if you happen to notice a window that looks particularly easy to break or a door that seems well hidden from view.

Look for where you think a burglar would try and gain entry. You may think you can do this just by thinking through it in your head, but the simple action of going outside and actually looking around your home as if you were actually a burglar trying to get in, can really help to put things into perspective and to reveal weaknesses that you had never previously noticed.

Make sure that you work to rectify any weaknesses that you expose in order to lift the level of security of your property and the protection to you and your family.

Lock up
It seems obvious but there are still burglaries every day that involve an opportunist thief who has gained interest through an unlocked door or open window.

In most cases, this is when the owners have gone out for a short time, for example a ten minute walk to pick something up from a shop, and have therefore left a window open on a hot day. This is never a good idea. An opportunist thief will always be looking for this easy entry and can easily be in and out long before you get back, even on the shortest of trips.

In short, no matter how long you are out of the property for, always lock up every door and window and make sure that you close access to any rear access if possible, such as garden gates etc.

Appear Occupied
Your house is much more likely to be burgled if it is believed to be empty. If you are going out or are on holiday then if this is obvious to burglars you are risking a much higher chance of being broken into.

The simple advice here is to always appear as if someone is in your property, even if they are not.

You can achieve this by leaving a couple of lights on in the property or purchasing a timer that will turn lights on and off throughout the day so that it appears that people are in the property.

Get a Home Security System
Alarm FixOne of the easiest ways of protecting your home is to get a home security system. This will actively protect points of entry and check for intruders and sound an alarm if the property is breached.

A home security system not only helps to stop a burglar gaining access but is also a very good deterrent too. Many burglars would rather bypass a property that is visibly alarmed and look for a property that isn’t, therefore meaning that just the act of installing a home security system in the first place may actually be all that you need.

Fix Faulty Alarms Fast
One of the less-thought about sides of security is fixing a faulty alarm. This isn’t just because a faulty alarm doesn’t work to offer any protection but because it may be making a habit of giving false alarms.

The problem with an alarm giving false alarms is that quickly it loses any authenticity and becomes something that is ignored. This can mean that one day it may sound the alarm because there really is an intruder trying to gain entry to the property but that it goes ignored as another false alarm.

It has been proved that an alarm works as a deterrent to burglars even if it doesn’t work but it is obviously much more effective if all home security sensors and alarms are working correctly and it can be trusted when the alarm is sounded.
Try checking your alarm at least once a month just to check that all is in order otherwise you may be switching your alarm on every day without even realizing that it is not working correctly.

Conceal all Wiring
If you have a wired home security system then make sure that everything has been fitted correctly, or if you can’t do it yourself, make sure it has been fitted by a fully qualified professional.

Burglars will sometimes target homes where the alarm wiring is on show and can easily be cut or tampered with. This could render your alarm system useless. So, always make sure that all wiring is well concealed and check for damage once a month to make sure that everything is intact as sometimes animals and birds can cause damage to any external wiring.

Losing your Keys
If you lose your keys then change all your locks immediately. It is more common than you may think for people to use lost keys to gain entry into your property. Depending on where you lost them, it may be obvious of where you live, for example you may have dropped them at the bottom of your drive or in front of your car. Alternatively, you may have lost your keys along with your wallet that carries your ID and therefore address. This means that if the wrong person happens to come along and find them that you are potentially at risk of break in.

The simple advice is to get the locks changed as the expense of new locks outweighs the expense of a burglary.