Home Security Cameras: Extra Level of Security


Home Security Cameras

There are a growing number of home security systems on the market. Most aim to alert either you, or a monitoring company that an intruder is trying to gain entry into your property. They do so through a variety of different home security sensors that usually concentrates on targeting movement or breakage of an entry point, such as a window.

Home Security Cameras
The ability for homeowners to purchase inexpensive home security camera systems has vastly increased over the last few years. Previously home security cameras were exclusive to businesses, industry and of course shops. However, as prices have come down, more and more people are now opting for the additional line of protection that home security camera systems offer.

Home security cameras have been proven to act as a heavy deterrent to burglars and intruders. They have been proven to drastically reduce the following:

  • Burglaries
  • Attacks in, or just outside the home
  • Property vandalism
  • False accusations

When you consider that 16% of all homes are robbed at some point, it quickly becomes apparent that the additional security and deterrent that home security cameras can offer can be highly appealing.

Digital Systems
Technology has rapidly improved over the last few years. The days of having miles of videotape hanging around the home connected to large and cumbersome equipment are long gone.

The emergence of digital technology now means that much less space is required and that video tape is a thing of the past. A live stream can now be viewed at anytime via a laptop or TV screen, allowing you to actively monitor what is going on outside. This is especially handy if you wish to check who is coming up your drive, who is at the door, or what that noise you just heard was outside. If you have also had a spate of problems outside your home, such as damage to your car, or undesirables hanging around, then again, home security cameras offer a lot more than a standard home alarm system does.

By having a camera, you can secretly watch what is happening from anywhere in your home, without risk of being seen. That means that if you want to watch what the group of people are doing around your car then you can without them feeling they have been disturbed. It also means that you can easily observe who is at the door and make a decision of whether you wish to answer it or not without actually revealing that you are in.

Digital technology has now allowed a lot more footage to be easily stored and taken. What previously would have required hundreds of video tapes that would have to all be labeled and stored, can now be done all on one hard drive which can be accessed at any time with ease. This means that there is now effectively always “video tape” in the recorder, making the problems of tapes running out just before crucial happenings, a thing of the past.

Home Security CameraDigital technology and new improvements in camera technology has also allowed for much, much clearer pictures. The old grainy pictures and distortions have now gone and instead you can get nice crisp pictures. This has a two-fold effect. It firstly means that police will find it a lot easier to identify and capture any burglars, vandals or undesirables that your home security cameras capture. The other effect is that people are now aware as to how much camera technology has moved on and therefore it now acts as a much larger deterrent. People now recognize that even with a hood or mask, pictures are now so clear that it is still possible to build up an idea of who they are and so many criminals will simply bypass a property that they see equipped with cameras.

Identification and Proof
It is nice to know that a home security system will deter people and offer a level of protection. However, there is always the possibility of someone attempting to gain entry and then getting away.

With a home security camera system you will be capturing hard proof of who either attempted, or actually did, break in to your property. If a case goes to court then often there may be little proof against a burglar that has worn gloves and taken precautions. This can mean that unless they were actually caught in the act by police that there is a chance that person could go free. This can be unsettling for people who may be wary of a future break in or the simple fact that the criminal is now free to do the same thing again to someone else.

Video footage from a home security camera can provide overwhelming evidence that tips the case firmly in your favor. Home security camera footage will often catch the burglar’s point of entry, what they were wearing, the exact time of entry and possibly even their face and the vehicle that they used to get away. This can all lead to irrefutable evidence that leads to a conviction and gets a criminal off of the streets.

What we like best about camera systems is that it can prevent problems before they happen. Prevention is always better than cure and by actively monitoring your home security cameras it is actually possible to stop problems before they happen.

For example, you may see trouble with some youths brewing outside your property, or maybe you have seen someone eyeing up your car for the last few nights. This will allow you to observe and phone the authorities in advance of anything actually happening. It is much better to stop a problem happening in advance, rather than picking up the pieces after it has already occurred.

To summarize, a home security system of any kind is always better than none and it is highly advised in order to protect yourself, your family and your property. By adding a home security camera system you add a further level of protection that brings with it plenty of additional benefits that make it a very worthy investment.