What you should know about Free Installation Home Security Systems


Free Home Security System Installation

Free installation home security systems may present a great opportunity for new costumers to obtain a security system at no cost. Yet, such offers should be reviewed carefully since they may have hidden or unexpected costs. When it comes to seeing the term “free” with a promotional offer, it can be misleading since you don’t know what exactly is being offered. Such offers tend to make it more challenging in accessing system costs. There are several aspects to review when considering free installation offers such as self-installation versus using a professional; equipment offered that’s part of the system and monthly costs for services associated with the system.

Something many homeowners may not realize is how the cost of a system is determined. Along with equipment and the type of technology used to develop the system, the cost may also be calculated by the type or number of entry points in the home and number of sensors needed for each point. Since these components offer security services of different magnitudes it often results to varying costs. So when it comes to free installation home security systems, what’s the catch? It may depend on the type of system associated with the offer.

Sensors play a big role in factoring installation costs, especially if it’s initial. When completed by a professional, hardwired systems may cost more to install. Yet, many homeowners feel they are more reliable than wireless systems. Free home security system installation offers are becoming more common with wireless systems. Many say wireless systems are easier to install but free installation could simply mean the homeowner is responsible for installing the system. If the homeowner installs the system they would just pay a monthly fee for monitoring. Free installation offers tend to vary from one company to another. Plus, those who often provide the offer tend to be an authorized dealer of the company providing home security monitoring services.

Money Saving Opportunity
For homeowners who feel comfortable completing the installation on their own, it may help them save money. Although, companies who have professional contractors to install the equipment can make sure equipment works properly while helping you understand your system. It’s also possible that free home security system installation offers may only include certain features. This can be a positive or a negative thing depending on how you look at the situation. If the free installation offer allows you to save on installing the system in your home, you may be able to take advantage of another service feature such as video monitoring. Free installation may also be in the form of a rebate; homeowners may pay installation costs upfront and after utilizing the home security system for a certain time period the cost they paid is returned to them. It’s possible some homeowner insurance policies may offer rebates toward the purchase of a home security system.

Money SavingsIf you are considering taking advantage of a free installation home security system, there are things to consider in helping you make a decision. Take time compare home security systems, including hardwired and wireless options. Get feedback from homeowners who use or have used the system you are interested in purchasing. Systems that are low-cost may have installation completed by a company professional but homeowners may have options to help them save in the future. What are customers saying about the security system product? Some say they prefer hardwired home security systems since they present limited technical difficulties. Others claim they like wireless alarm systems better once they understand the technology behind them.

Identifying True Value in the Deal
When considering free installation offers you’ll want to review details about the system. Some systems may be limited in features. For example, if the company offers a free installation it may be for certain systems that offer limited security. The system may only provide one or two sensors; if you want additional features you may need to pay extra; especially if you want protection or coverage in certain areas of the home. Contract details often provide more insight on free offers. It’s possible you may get the system free but you may need to commit to a renewable contract with possible hidden fees. While many companies offer a toll-free number for customers to contact, some may charge your account when the number is used.

Comparing home security systems will help you find the best value. Just because free installation home security systems are available doesn’t guarantee that you will save money on your purchase. Many homeowners have an idea of what they want to spend toward keeping their home safe and secure. With so many people being on a budget, a free installation offer is an easy eye-catcher. If a system that offers free installation doesn’t provide the service features needed, review how much it will cost to add it to your system. Comparing free installation security systems with other companies may also help give an idea on typical features offered. Even if the system is limited, it’s possible to consider adding services later on since companies often run special promotional offers.

Even though installation may be free there are costs you should review before deciding on a home security system. The fees may vary depending on the service package chosen. Plus, you’ll want to pay attention to money-back guarantee offers. These offers may present different terms if installation was free versus paid installation. You may be required to wait a certain amount of time before getting a refund if you were unhappy with the security system.

In general, there is various free installation home security systems available, but pay attention to details of the offers closely. They are often directed toward potential new customers. Ask about discounts available. While there could be hidden fees, some may offer lower rates when you sign up. Free installation offers may have detailed terms and conditions that should be reviewed carefully before commitment. Identify benefits the system has to offer that is most valuable to obtaining your household protection.