ESP Infinite Prime Review


ESP Infinite Prime

The ESP Infinite Prime is a high grade, top-of-the range alarm system that claims to be of professional grade meaning that it is equipped to be ideal for home use or indeed for work premises.

The ESP Infinite Prime is a wireless system that interacts directly with a main control panel with ease with no fuss of wires or indeed the risk of wires being damaged or even purposely tampered with by intruders.

The battery life on the sensors and wireless devices is exceptional meaning that you need not worry about batteries being in constant need of replacement. The batteries have a lifespan of 2 years and are fully guaranteed. If and when your batteries do start to run low the control panel will alert you of the fact well in advance, giving you plenty of time to have them changed so that you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted protection.

Phone Alerts
The ESP Infinite Prime has a nice additional feature of phone alerts. The system has a built in speech telephone auto-dialer which will call your chosen telephone number if and when the alarm is ever set off.

The system will actually phone you up, tell you that the alarm has been triggered but will also let you know where it has been triggered. It breaks down the area to up to 32 detector zones so you can know where entry has been gained or what area has been triggered. This is helpful, if for example you know that a family member is popping round to water the plants in the garden. It means that if the system tells you that the rear sensor covering the garden has been triggered then you can assume it is your family member, however if it lets you know that a front window has been triggered then you will know that there may be some cause for concern and to alert the police.

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Using the phone system you can also arm and disarm the system. What we like about this option is that you can customize it to certain areas. For example, you can choose the full perimeter or just arm part of it. Again, in the example of a family member popping round to gain access to the garden you could choose to leave that area disarmed and only activate the front of the property.

This system is incredibly easy to use and when used with a cell phone allows you to be able to get access to your alarm system pretty much regardless of where you are in the world.

Smartphone Home SecurityThe choice of being able to select certain detector zones remotely is also incredibly helpful, allowing you to phone the system whenever you need to amend it as you see fit. For example, you may set the full alarm and leave the property. Later on you realize that you forgot your sister was going to let herself into the garden to water the plants for you for an hour. So, you can phone up, choose to disarm the back just before she enters, then phone up again after she has left to reactivate it. It is a fantastic level of flexibility.

Wireless systems are often easier to self install and the ESP Infinite Prime does come with a good set of instructions on how to install and set up the system for its first use.

However, we did find some of the installation slightly trickier than the instruction manual implied and although we did get it up and running properly, some less DIY-oriented people may find this task a bit daunting. Therefore, it may be advised to have this system professionally installed to make sure that it is correctly installed and working.

Sensors and Devices
The full system can be purchased with a fantastic array of sensors. It can come to include a smoke detector, a sounder module, an external siren, shock sensors, glass-break sensors, motion detectors and also has interior and exterior pet-friendly motion detectors that will not be triggered by pets and animals outside such as foxes, however they will still be triggered by human intruders.

The great range of sensors allows for a very high level of security and the system offers the flexibility of activating and deactivating each one separately as you see fit.

Overall this is a fantastic system. It offers a very high level of protection throughout the home and is extremely competent in protecting your property. It is particularly flexible and easy to use once it is up and running although installation could be improved and is a slight draw back if you are looking at saving money on installation costs. However, if you were going to pay for professional installation anyway then this is a fantastic system to opt for.