Do I need a Home Security System?



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Many consumers find themselves asking the question “do I need a home security system?” for different reasons. In the past, home security systems were thought to be an option available for just the wealthy. However, thanks to advancements in technology more consumers can take advantage of home security system options which are now offered at widely affordable prices. While they are becoming more popular to have in the average family home, some may wonder if it’s necessary to purchase a system for their home.

Consumer Reviews and Feedback on Home Security Systems
There are a variety of online websites that collect and display consumer feedback on different home security companies and the packages they have bought from these providers. Some consumers have a personal blog or review site in which they describe their personal experience with a certain home security system and company. The consumer sites that offer reviews can be quite helpful since many share important details that new customers may not be thinking about. Plus, it presents another opportunity to get questions answered you may have, especially if this is your first time investing in a home security system.

Importance of Learning the Background History of Home Security Providers
There are several top rated companies that offer reliable services. Yet, you can still take time to review their track record in the industry. Learn what consumers say about their products and services. Review complaints consumers may have reported about the company. Some companies may provide a good product but consumers may claim the company provides poor customer service. How have consumers rated the performance of the company overall?

Analyzing the Home Alarm Equipment on Offer
This is an important aspect you’ll want to take into consideration. Ask about warranties available for certain equipment and parts such as for outdoor surveillance camera systems. What brands does the company use for their products? The industry is known for providing quality products made by common brands such as G.E. and Honeywell. Gain an understanding of how the alarm equipment is used to provide security and protection for the home. Ask about the different types of home security systems the company offers such as hardwired or wireless. Hardwired is thought to be less expensive but wireless options are becoming popular due to their versatility in protection and portability offered.

Determining which Type of Alarm is best for your Home: Monitored or Unmonitored
Learn the difference between each type. Monitored systems contact the service provider within seconds of an intrusion being detected on the property. Once the signal is received by the service provider, they contact the homeowner by phone to verify the breach. The provider may send emergency authorities to the property if no one responds to their verification call. Unmonitored systems go off when security has been breached; this may include sounding alarms and flashing lights. It is often a signal for neighbors to call the police. The sights and sounds are usually enough for the burglar to flee the property. Monitored and unmonitored options each present their own advantages and disadvantages that should be compared and reviewed. Plus, there are features such as flood, fire and carbon monoxide detection which you’ll want to review for clarification on how they work.

Assessing your Neighborhood and Local Area
Do you consider your neighborhood a safe area? Has there been an increase in crime lately? Review crime statistics for your area. Maybe you have noticed more neighbors with home security signs in their yard or window. Would having a system help you feel more comfortable and secure? Knowing activity that goes on in your area may help you determine which system features to get such as a camera or additional motion sensors for windows or even driveways.

Review the Safety and Security Measures you are currently taking
Consumers may ask themselves “do I need a home security system?” if current safety precautions lack in giving them peace of mind. You may even consider a system if you are not taking any precautions at all. Do you have habits that could make you a potential target for burglars such as leaving spare keys under doormats? Make sure locks are in good working order; consider installing deadbolt locks if you don’t have any. Close garage doors, keep blinds and drapes closed and place a metal bar or pipe at patio doors for additional security. Sensors can also be placed at these locations to pick up motion. Keep valuables out of plain sight by keeping them locked in a deposit box or safe. When away from home for extended periods of time such as being out of town, what precautions do you take or do you create an illusion that someone is home by leaving on lights, the T.V. or radio?

Consider the Reasons why others have Invested in a Home Security System
Learn why people get security systems for their homes and compare them to how you feel about the need. There are so many reasons why consumers invest in getting security and protection for their homes. Consumers take advantage of the fact that such systems offer protection for multiple danger situations such as fire, floods and carbon monoxide. Some enjoy 24-hour monitoring that allows them to keep an eye on their property away from home while learning when loved ones arrive home safely. Some consumers love the idea of having an immediate response during an emergency if they are not home. Nowadays, home security systems are easier to operate and more affordable.

Talk with Family about getting a Home Security System
Discuss potential benefits you’ll gain with a security system. Talking with your partner and children about additional security for your home may help paint a better picture of what the household actually needs. Discuss home security system costs and whether or not they are in the budget. Think about individuals who have medical needs; you may consider purchasing a medical alert system for someone who may not be able to help themselves if they are alone or a medical emergency happens. Home security systems are also sought by those who live alone including seniors.