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How do the best home security companies get their status? Well, typically through customer reviews and shared user experience. However, for first-time buyers of home security systems the real question is how do you know which feedback to trust? With the world wide web so easily accessible and open to almost everyone, anyone can (and some do) pose to be a customer sharing their views, when really they are nothing more than promoters of a particular company or brand.

Although, the answer may seem far off, it is actually very simple – ask around ‘locally’ to see if others back up the trend appearing in customer’s feedback. Yes, that’s right, you should always do some further digging yourself after reading or hearing what others have had to say about a particular home security company. And by this we’re not just talking about online forums or web communities, we’re talking in your local neighborhoods, your friends, relatives, and work colleagues as well. These are some of the best sources to get up front, no nonsense information from.

What if none of these sources have ever bought a home security system, I hear you say? Well, chances are at least one of them will have had some sort of security system installed in their home at some point in time. But by the very rare chance that they haven’t, the other option is to seek independent advice from electricians and similar technicians or handymen. Please note the key word here, ‘independent’. This means they have no affiliation with any home security companies or hidden agendas to up-sell any goods or services for personal gain.

Popular Home Security Companies (in Alphabetical Order)

So, who exactly are the best home security companies? Well, rather than list them in order of who is ‘best’, we think it is much more appropriate to highlight the more prolific companies in the home security sector to provide a general guideline, especially for first time buyers. This will give you the opportunity to do some further investigation with much less effort, and help you to make a more informed choice about which home security provider to use. Please bare in mind that this list is not exhaustive, but rather it is presented as a guide for the kind of qualities buyers should look for in a home security company.

ADT SecurityADT is one of the most established, authoritative and highly rated home security companies in North America. With over 130 years of experience in home protection, it provides its security products and services in many different countries around the world. Their products range from home security kits that buyers can install themselves to 24/7 monitoring equipment. ADT currently has eight security stations in North America.

Alarm.comAlarm.com has been providing North American consumers home security systems with wireless GSM technology, ever since the year 2000. This technology allows homeowners to track and monitor everything that happens in their homes, whether they are there or not. This includes activity on entry doors, windows, cabinets, safes, drawers, and other areas. As a result, Alarm.com has become one of the leading providers for this particular technology, which has significant uses for homeowners requiring that extra bit of control.

FrontPoint Security
FrontPoint SecurityFormed in 2005, Frontpoint Security has made quite a name for itself in the home security business. As a partner of Alarm.com and GE Security, FrontPoint Security provides alarm and monitoring systems with the latest technology to all of North America. They pride themselves on high quality customer service as well as the up-to-date technology and competitive pricing of their home security products.

GE Security
GE SecurityGE is a leader in home security equipment. From wireless control panels and wireless alarm sensors to wireless security cameras that can be fixed both inside and outside the home, GE devices offer advanced protection to entire properties. The company also provides added value services such as fire safety, medical emergency notifications and home automation.

Pinnacle Security
Pinnacle SecurityPinnacle Security offers highly innovative home security products, such as an image sensor, which can take a photo of a detected motion and send it to the homeowners e-mail address and web-enabled smartphone. Such products as well as their support services, have made Pinnacle Security a very popular home security company.

This intentionally short list has been created to give you a rough idea of some of the most popular, as opposed to best, home security companies. There are many other companies not mentioned here that are also worth some consideration. They have been left out to leave room for private investigation from yourselves. Our aim here has not been to give biased opinion about which home security companies are the best, as in reality everybody’s opinion is different. Rather, what we have done is list some of the more established and popular companies, as indicated by many independent consumer resources. So that, as potential investors in new home security systems, you can make up your own minds as to who is best. After all, the security of your home and family is not a decision that should be taken lightly or held in the hands of another.

A final important point to note here is that you should always read the fine print before signing a contract with your chosen home security company. To make up for the cost of equipment, sales, and installation, most home security companies will ask you to sign an agreement on their monitoring service of 2-3 years, with fees ranging from $30-50 a month.

Think you know who the best home security companies are? Let us know by sharing your thoughts!