About Us

HomeSecuritySystems-Alarm.com was launched in October 2011. Our ultimate goal is to provide consumers and homeowners alike with essential and straightforward information about home security systems and household protection.

Home security alarm systems are one of the most important aspects a household must consider, alongside insurance and other health and safety packages, so making an informed decision about which measures to take is certainly of great significance. We hope our rigorous and honest guides will empower consumers and homeowners alike to make intelligent choices, and take appropriate action towards the security and protection of their homes.

If there’s anything we’re sure about, it’s that no matter the price tag there’s definitely a home security system out there for every household. Although some systems often perform very differently from others, they each serve their purpose of matching specific and respective consumer preferences perfectly. This is why every home security system we review at HomeSecuritySystems-Alarm.com receives the same standardized treatment, so that consumers and homeowners alike can make their own choices based on their own unique requirements.

As online publishers, we also abide by a strict ethics policy to ensure that all our reviews and recommendations are provided with only the consumer’s interests at heart.