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Yale Premium HSA 6400 Burglar Alarm Review

Yale Premium HSA6400 Security System

  Yale is a company that has associated itself with quality locks for many, many years and so their evolution into home security systems has come as an expected addition to their company. Wireless The Yale HSA 6400 is a wireless alarm which straight away is preferential to many users. The lack of wires makes » read more…

Advantages of Home Security Sensors

Home Security Sensors

  If you have been considering a new home alarm system or are maybe thinking about upgrading your existing system then you may well have come across the wide range of different home security sensors and options available and be wondering which ones do what and which ones you need and which ones you can » read more…

Visonic Powermax Security System

Visonic Powermax Security System

  Visonic have a number of home security systems on the market that all vary quite dramatically in price and competency. The Visonic Powermax system is one of their core products that attempts to provide a good balance of budget and technology in one simple package. Wireless and Hardwired The Visonic Powermax system has the » read more…